HB60ANT Activity Award

In commemoration of the Memorial Year “60 Years of the Antarctic Treaty” and in recognition for the links with HB60ANT, this short-term diploma is issued.

Award conditions

The diploma can be acquired by all licensed radio amateurs. To apply for the diploma, 6 QSOs must be made on different bands in different modes. Each QSO is scored once per band and mode. Modes of operation for the purpose of this diploma are CW, PHONE (e.g. SSB, FM or Digital Voice) and DIGITAL (e.g. FT8 or FT4).
Contacts between Aug. 12, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021 count. The award is issued free of charge to active radio amateurs and is only available electronically as a download from this website.

Enter your callsign and name (for the award) and see how many of your QSOs are already in the HB60ANT log: