DQ60ANT Activity Award

The local chapter S44 of DARC e.V. is running the special call DQ60ANT. In recognition of the activities related to the 60th anniversary of the entry into force of the Antarctic Treaty, they are also issuing the “DQ60ANT Activity Award” in 3 levels.

 Award conditions

The award can be acquired by all licensed radio amateurs. To apply for the award, at least 4 QSO’s must be made for the basic bronze diploma. Each QSO with DQ60ANT can be scored once per band and mode. Operating modes in the sense of this diploma are CW, PHONE (SSB, FM, Digital Voice), DIGIHIS (RTTY, PSK, Hell) and DIGITAL (FT8, FT4). Contacts made between 01.06.2021 and 31.12.2021 count for the award. The award is free of charge and can only be applied for and downloaded from this website.

Necessary for the individual classes of award are:

Bronze – 4 QSO’s
Silver – 8 QSO’s
Gold – 12 QSO’s


The operating mode DIGIHIS, digital-historical, has been added to the operating modes CW, Phone and DIGITAL for these awards. These additional points are intended to motivate operators to add points for RTTY and PSK to the program.

Enter your callsign and name (for the award) and see how many of your QSO’s are already in the DQ60ANT log: